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At Denby Caterers we have extensive knowledge to assist you during your event. We respect your choices and will accommodate your needs.

If you have special dietary requirements please advise.  All menu's are exc GST .

 All menu's include percolated coffee, tea and service. 

Feel free to browse the menu's below or Download them HERE for reference.

Booking information is contained in the downloaded menu's above.

We can operate anywhere, anytime you need.  Please call us at (09) 4371452 if you have special requirements, or budget.

*Travel Charge may apply (All prices exclude GST)

Dinner Menu Selections

Menu’s include crockery, cutlery, serviettes and table coverings

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Menu 1


$32 per Head 

1 Carvery

1 Meat Dish

1 Seafood

2 Hot Vegetable

2 Fresh Salads

2 Desserts


Menu 2  


$36 per head

1 Carvery

1 Meat Dish

1 Seafood

3 Hot Vegetables

3 Fresh Salads

3 Desserts

Menu 3


$42.00 Per head

2 Carvery

1 Meat Dish

1 Pasta Dish

1 Seafood

3 Hot Vegetables

4 Fresh Salads

3 Desserts


From the Carvery

Glazed Baked Ham on Bone – Served with accompaniments of pineapple salsa and mustards

Succulent Roast Beef – Dressed and glazed with honey mustard, served with red wine jus

Roast Leg of Lamb – Boned and slow roasted with rosemary and garlic – mint sauce


Meat Dishes

Green Thai curry (To your Strength) with steamed saffron rice - Beef or Chicken

Apricot Chicken – Roasted chicken pieces, in genuine apricots based sauce

Meat Balls - Flame grilled Tuscan meatballs in a horopito and tomato based sauce

Ragout of Beef – Beef batons in a spiced tomato sauce

Cold Cuts - Selected meats with pickles and condiments

Lamb Korma - Creamy Denby version with coconut and Lamb bites

Butter Chicken - Yummy creamy classic - mild to taste

Beef Madras - Slightly stronger but still creamy


Pasta Selection

Pumpkin Ravioli - Pumpkin, cracked pepper and mascarpone ravioli in cream pesto sauce

Spaghetti Marinara - Seafood mixture in a spicy tomato based sauce

Siracusani - Vegetable and tomato based pasta – suitable for vegetarians

Pepper campanelle - Grilled belle peppers in an almond and feta sauce

Penne Carbonara - Smokey Bacon and cream, with parmesan


Seafood Selection

Mornay - A thick mixture of seafood in a creamy, cheesy, winey sauce

Crumbed Selection - Seafood Served with Sweet and Sour sauce to accompany

Mussels - Fresh mussels poached in their shells with a wine and pesto sauce

Oysters naturale - ½ Shell oysters with soya to accompany

Platters - With a selection of Fresh, marinated and smoked seafood (chilled)


Hot Vegetables

Roast Potatoes - Oven Baked in Olive Oil and fresh Rosemary

Gourmet Potatoes - Hot dressed in our own Kawakawa butter

Oven Roasted vegetables - Medley of seasonal vegetables roasted in oil and rosemary

Dutch Vegetables - Poached vegetables with a hollandaise sauce

Vichy Carrots - Served Al Dente with honey and sesame

Cauliflower and Broccoli - With Cheese and wine Sauce

Green Beans - In sauté bacon, onion and garlic

Savoury Kumara - Scalloped Kumara in a three cheese wine sauce, baked


Fresh Salads

Tossed Green Salad - Mesculin mixture of green leaf with a basil vinaigrette

Curried Egg Salad - Sliced egg in our mustard, green onion and mayo dressing

Gourmet Potato - Diced gourmet potato in our own blue cheese and chive dressing

Tomato and Basil - Quartered tomato, Parmesan and spring onion in sweet vinaigrette

Baby beets - With red onion and yogurt (equally nice warmed)

Carrot Salad - Savoury, with a tomato based capsicum dressing

Chorizo Salad - Spicy meats and salami’s in shell pasta



Fruited Pavlova - Generously creamed with seasonal fruit garnish

Trifles - Traditional with custard filling and a hint of liqueurs

Fruit Salad - Seasonally supplemented tropical salad mix

Chocolate Log - Rich Chocolate with jam and cream iced.

Brandy Snaps - Cream filled, crisp and rich

Cheesecakes - made creamy and seasonal

Chocolate Mousse - Rich, creamy and yes of course chocolatey

Steamed Fruit Puddings - Warmed, served with custard

Apple Crumble - Our own recipe served with custard

Chocolate Éclairs - Cream filled

Cheese Platters - Selection of cheeses with crackers and other nibbles

Fresh fruit platters - (In season)